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Charella is committed to the highest standards of quality and care. We are the most awarded outdoor media owner in the country.

CNL SUCCESS STORY is based on:

The well managed program of the billboards network by selecting the best locations all over Nigeria and by selecting the most appropriate billboard type for each location

Listening to each customer’s needs and trying to satisfy them by selecting the most appropriate billboards each time

The extensive sales coverage of the local market. This is achieved
through its experienced sales force and the synergies deriving from
its partners sales force teams


Outdoor billboard advertising consists of more options for those looking to target an audience on the go. From traditional billboards to digital options in various sizes, billboard advertising has great potential as a marketing strategy. The possibilities within the Nigeria market are promising.


Transit advertising — advertising on buses, taxi cabs, bus stops, and any other public building — has been a part of many businesses marketing strategy since the days of the horse-pulled cart. Advertisements used to hang along the outside of slow-moving carts, attracting pedestrians to various local businesses.


Poster advertising today is still a popular choice for outdoor advertising, especially for small-to-medium-sized businesses looking to increase brand awareness. They serve as an effective tool in campaigns where an important message, like a product launch, needs to get out quickly to the right audience.

Creating a powerful visual story

Developing a successful outdoor advertising campaign means creating a visual story to capture not only the message of your brand, but the attention of your audience as they zip by in their cars. Charella utilizes a simple plan of action to construct your unique strategy which focuses on:

  • Easy-to-read design
  • Brief messaging with accompanying image or graphic
  • Call to action
  • Higher contrast color combinations
  • Distinct branding
Reach consumers all over your city

With just seven impactful words or less, you can deliver your powerful advertising message across Nigeria to drivers zipping down the highway, stuck in traffic, or driving through city streets. We offer a variety of outdoor advertising options that are “effortless,” including:

  • Traditional and Digital Billboards
  • Poster Billboard Ads
  • Bus Shelters
  • Bus Wraps
  • Mini Billboards

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Professional And Experienced Outdoor Advertising Firm

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Listening to each customer's needs and trying to satisfy them by selecting the most appropriate billboards each time


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Working with Charella Nig. Ltd is always a good experience.Their knowledge of the Nigeria area and market, as well as the outdoor advertising is second to none.
It is always a pleasure to work with CNL. They made the process of outdoor advertising effortless. CNL gives great locations while always being conscious of our budget and needs. We greatly appreciate their responsiveness and attention to detail. I would definitely recommend Charella without hesitation.
Ade Ajibade